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The reasons why Paul R Salmon is the name you can trust in Training & Development.  “Professional, Honest, Exceptional Quality, Dedicated to Customer Care & Individual Needs” Providing   professional   training   packages   to   a   range   of   business   from   the   local   sole   trader   to   the international corporate company successfully since 1992. National   training   company   with   very   attractive   competitive   pricing,   with   even   competitive   prices   for training   course   in   Essex,   Suffolk,   Norfolk,   Kent,   Cambridgeshire,   Hertfordshire,   Bedfordshire   and   parts of London. We   are   proud   of   our   exemplary   quality   assurance   record,   we   offer   fully   regulated   training   with   Ofqual accredited   Awarding   Offices   as   well   as   memberships   to   prestige   bodies.   As   part   of   our   acceptance   we have passed their rigorous quality assurance auditing and continuous random checks. Toughest    recruitment    programme    for    staff,    we    hand    pick    the    best    with    outstanding    records    and recommendations   and   put   them   through   a   robust   induction   before   allowed   to   work   for   us.   All   our   staff are fully insured, fully vetted, highly experienced and qualified. Fully   Health   &   Safety   compliant   with   excellent   safety   record.   All   our   staff   have   health   and   safety qualifications   up   to   a   degree   equivalent,   first   aid   training   and   carry   out   pre-course   safety   checks   &   risk assessment, Safety is paramount of importance to our learners, public and staff. The   customer   is   king,   we   provide   the   customer   solutions   that   suits   their   own   individual   needs   and   adopt exceptional   level   of   customer   care.   We   rarely   advertise   as   most   of   our   work   comes   from   repeat customers   and   referrals.   Based   on   over   3000   customer   surveys   and   course   evaluation   reports   the customer has rated us consistently very good.   Modern    training    styles,    fully    interacting    with    the    learners    in    a    productive    enjoyable    environment. Customers   have   given   feedback   that   our   methods   are   excellent,   and   they   help   develop   confidence, team spirit and production.
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